Envision is an advocacy consultancy, helping clients develop policies and initiatives to achieve their sustainability goals. 

We believe that when empowered with information, support and resources, communities are best placed to solve their own problems. With a flexible fee structure we aim to provide high quality consultancy services which are accessible by everyone.  

Envision’s work is as varied as our clients. The following provides a snapshot of the types of some of our projects and downloadable files of some of more popular reports. Due to commercial sensitivity and the restrictions of this medium there is a wide variety of additional work unable to be published here and we would value the opportunity to discuss your project directly with you. 



Envision has built a reputation for providing quality, non-biased, independent reports that provide valuable information in a way that is understandable and usable. We are experienced in producing discussion documents, scoping and feasibility studies, business cases, waste audit reports and papers which outline a vision for the future - such as the concept of a Resource Recovery Network outlined in 'Reclaiming Auckland's Resources' and now being implemented by Auckland Council. The following examples are just a snapshot of some of our more popular reports, please contact us to request full copies:

Product Waste: Who Pays? Extended Producer Responsibility - Oct 2010

Product Waste: Who Pays? Extended Producer Responsibility - Oct 2010

Reclaiming Auckland's Resources - Envision NZ July 2005

Reclaiming Auckland's Resources - Envision NZ July 2005

Resourceful Communities: A guide to resource recovery centres in NZ - 2003

Resourceful Communities: A guide to resource recovery centres in NZ - 2003



Envision has built up a wealth experience in developing site design concepts for resource recovery facilities, working with engineers, architects and surveyors to come up with designs which exploit the features of any site and maximise diversion rates:


Sometimes nothing beats the moving image for conveying a message or story. Envision has been involved in the production of a number of videos, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. The two below feature Envision's Business Development Manager Warren Snow and Managing Director Matthew Luxon:

Warren Snow talks about the challenges and opportunities with Auckland City's Strategy on Waste

Unilever asked us to assist in getting executives from the Body Care division to complete a 'Rubbish Free Challenge' for a fortnight. We put together a kit, wrote a handbook and making this fun 8 min piece to introduce the challenge.


For 15 years Envision has been working with clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. We would value the opportunity to apply our experience and expertise to your situation.

Partial client list:

Albert Eden Local Board

Auckland Council

Community Recycling Network (CRN)

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, Perth, WA


Government of Fiji

Horizons District Council

Ministry for the Environment (NZ)

McLaren Park Henderson South Community Initiative (MPHS)

Maungakiekie Tamaki Local Board


Ngati Rehua Ngati Wai ki Aotea Trust

Otago District Council

Puketapapa Local Board

Queenstown Lakes District Council

Resource Recovery Australia (RRA)

Selwyn District Council

Stonecraft Construction Ltd

Warkworth Wellsford Hospice

University of Auckland

Waitemata Local Board