Resource recovery & waste

Envision is proud of our connection to Zero Waste. Our founder - Warren Snow - was one of the pioneers of the movement and like Warren we continue to believe that rather than being an engineering problem, waste is a resource and represents opportunities for our communities.

We have worked consistently with local authorities, business and community organisations for over 16 years to support the creation of jobs, local economic development and expanded services - while also increasing the diversion of material from landfill.

Auckland's resource recovery network

Envision outlined the vision of a Resource Recovery Network for the Auckland region in 2007, and the initiative has been pursued by Auckland Council as a key method for achieving their goal of Zero Waste by 2040. Envision continues to work with Auckland Council in a variety of ways to help implement this vision.

Study tours

Securing buy-in is a key aspect to getting good ideas implemented. Envision has found taking leaders and social entrepreneurs on study tours to see various resource recovery operations in action is a great way to do this. We run regular study tours to South Australia and around New Zealand.

research and analysis

We regularly complete discussion documents, scoping studies, feasibility studies and business cases to help clients assess whether an idea is worthwhile before investing too much time and money. 

Site design

After 16 years we have built up considerable experience in what makes a resource recovery site operate smoothly, and site design is at the core. We work at the concept stage to come up with concept drawings and ideas prior to more in-depth design and consent processes start. Please contact us for example drawings.