Social and community enterprise

25 years ago, Warren was co-founder of one of the most successful community enterprises in NZ - CBEC in Kaitaia and Envision has continued to support the development of social and community enterprise for over 16 years.


Non-for-profits are increasingly being encouraged to establish social enterprises as a way of generating revenue. Depending on the expertise of the organisation this can be a fraught and expensive strategy. Envision provides hands on day to day management of social enterprises on behalf of community organisations. Currently we are establishing and managing Resource Rescue on behalf of the Entrust Foundation and have capacity to do the same for you too!


A bit of support and advice at just the right time can make all the difference for any fledging business. We support the development of social enterprises right from early concept design through to opening day and beyond. 

Business development for community development

scoping opportunities

Finding the social and community enterprise opportunities within an area and the businesses and community groups who could make the most of that opportunity.